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100% Financing

Many people, single, married - young or old, find it most difficult to save the Down payment and Closing Cost to purchase a new home.

Worry and delay no more. At Pecan Lakes a person or family who meets USDA qualifications for income and credit criteria can finance a New Pecan Lakes Home with $0 Down.

No gimmicks, just a strong government housing program designed to develop Rural America with very attractive low Rates and $0 Down!!!

Your first step? Pick up the phone. Find how easy your pathway to Homeownership can be.

All Pecan Lakes communities qualify for this special finance plan.

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In Short


NO Down Payment Required!


NO Monthly Mortgage Insurance (PMI)!


Generous Income Limits!


Fixed Rates for 30 Years!


USDA 100% - The United States Department of Agriculture offers a most attractive finance program through its Rural Housing program.

Loan Guarantee Program (Section 502)

Under the Guaranteed Loan program, the Housing and Community Facilities Programs guarantees loans made by private sector lenders. (A loan guarantee through HCFP means that, should the individual borrower default on the loan, HCFP will pay the private financier for the loan.) The individual buyer works with a local private lender and makes payments to that lender.

Under the terms of the program, an individual or family may borrow up to 100% of the appraised value of the home, which eliminates the need for a down payment. Since a common barrier to owning a home for many lowincome people is the lack of funds to make a down payment, the availability of the loan guarantees from HCFP makes the reality of owning a home available to a much larger percentage of Americans.

USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Program Points

  • 30 year term
  • Fixed Interest rate
  • 2% Guaranty fee
  • Maximum loan amount is 102% of Appraised value
    • Includes Guaranty fee
    • Loan amount can include price, closing cost, prepaid items
    • Buyer can not receive cash back
  • Borrowers
    • Must be employed and income must be verifiable
    • Must be citizen or qualified alien
    • Subject to maximum income limits
      • Based on gross income
      • 1-4 person family - $73,600
      • 4-8 person family - $97,150
      • Deductions available for children and elderly family members
    • Rates can depend on credit scores (i.e. higher score = lower rate)
    • 620 or higher FICO credit score = approval
    • Can not own any other houses
  • Property Type
    • Owner occupied-No Rental Investment purchases
    • Single family dwelling
    • Subject to geographic restrictions