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TECH$MART Built Enviro-Green Friendly

Pecan Lakes' response to Hattiesburg's residential new home market coming out for "Green Home" technology is answered with AAA Homes TECH$MART - "Built Enviro-Green Friendly" construction.

Smart use of new home technology equals a Win for everyone. Our goal is for homeowners who are thrilled with their home selection!

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Green Home Facts:

  • Fastest growing segment of new home construction in America
  • Green homes forecasted to double in just 5 years
  • 84% of home buyers said energy efficiency was very important
  • Green homes are quieter, warmer, safer, and far less dust/pollen

Pecan Lakes' exclusive builder, AAA Homes of MS, is building today to the exacting home standards people and government will require in just a few years. Make the smart choice and place your family into a safe, secure, energy efficient home that uses latest Green technology to enhance your lifestyle and offers great savings in utilities.

TECH$MART Open Cell Foam

AAA Homes of MS does it again….


Does your HVAC run full out while you work or sleep?


Does your Water Heater run while you work or sleep?


Do your Windows, Doors & Outlets leak air into your home?


Is your attic so hot you can not enter after mid-day?

Put TECH$MART to work for you!

  • Save $1000’s using our new TECH$MART application
  • Enjoy quiet, clean new home living on your next build
  • Lower dust, pollen and moisture entering your home daily
  • Program once and let TECH$MART work hard for you

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What is Green Construction?

  • Green homes pay close attention to energy efficiency
  • Green homes practice water and resource conservation
  • Green homes use sustainable or recycled products
  • Green homes use precise measures protecting indoor air quality

The National Green Building Standard was approved by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The National Green Building Standard is now the first and only ANSI-approved green building rating system, making it the benchmark for green homes. AAA Homes of MS, LLC was certified as a National Green Builder in June of 2009, the very first time NGBS certification was offered in Mississippi.

What can Homebuyers look for?

Green homes incorporate environmental considerations and resource efficiency to minimize environmental impact. Many "Green" processes and technologies are built out of clear site and behind the walls.

  • Energy Efficient Features - Improved insulation materials for increased heat resistance, use of special roof deckings to reduce radiant and convection heat, water heater efficiency, efficient HVAC equipment, digital thermostats, use of ceiling fans, efficient appliances, and motion sensor outdoor lighting.

  • Water Efficient Features - Fixtures and appliances such as low-flow showerheads, faucets and commodes, plus dishwashers and washers that all conserve water.

  • Resource Efficient Features - From home size, to orientation on lot, to floor plan layout and window placement... all are important Green design decisions. House design and orientation should take advantage of natural light to reduce lighting needs, aid in heating home in winter and reduce heat gain in summer. Home should contain renewable materials and recycled materials.

  • Indoor Air Quality Features - The HVAC system must be correctly sized to operate efficiently and properly ventilate the home. Special use of foam sealants or caulks to reduce air infiltration at windows, doors, base plates, switches and plugs. Exhaust fans in Kitchen and Baths should remove warm moist air to outside of temperature controlled interior space. Passive attic ventilation to remove hot air with most cost efficient method.

  • Exterior of Home - Care should be taken to preserve trees and other vegetation native to the area. All efforts should be taken to minimize soil erosion from runoff. Landscaping should contain plants appropriate to the climate and grouped according to watering needs.

Top 10 - Why bother Buying Green?

  • More affordable month after month
  • Healthier for families with cleaner air and water
  • Environmentally Safer for families
  • More Comfortable
  • Quiet with low noise infiltration
  • Materials are more durable
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Have higher resale value
  • Provides peace of mind
  • And, much kinder to the environment